“हामी शेर्पाहरु एक हौँ, आफ्नो कला सांस्कृतिको जगेर्ण गरौ” । Sherpa Socciety Service Sindhupalchok


Nepal is known as country of Himalayas. Sherpas definitely have important role in representating Nepal as country of Himalayas in the world. We regard ourself as the proud citizen of Nepal, country of Himalayas. This was because Tenzing Norgay Sherpa set his first steps on the top of Mount Everest. Likewise, Pasang Lhamu was also a well-known Nepali women to conquer the Everest, who was also a Sherpa lady. As Nepal has been known to the world as country of Mount Everest, likewise, Sherpa community have significant role in introducing our country.
We have not been able to succeed and make ourself proud in other fields like education, politics, economic situation except in the field of mountaineering.
Even in this Sindhupalchok district, many Sherpas living in several VDCs have been remaining backward in economic, educational, political aspects and struggling only for food, shelter and clothes with the state.
In keeping these issues in mind and to unite all the Sherpas in one place, Sindhupalchok Sherpa Society was conceived and registered under the coordination of Mr. Dawa Sherpa in 2058 B.S.
Sindhupalchok Sherpa Society Kathmandu has passed through many hurdles and cycles in history and it has now been established as a unique identity in the society.
At the time of crisis and emergency, Sindhupalchok Sherpa Society is an organization which helps many people from Sindhupalchok who have come to Kathmandu to make a living in different occupations sectors.
The main objectives of this organization are to preserve and protect the language, religion, culture, tradition and social values of Sherpa people. In order to achieve these objectives, this organization has been involved in following activities:

The objectives of this organization are as follows:

  • This is not for profit, public welfare social organization
  • To study, investigate, conserve and protect Sherpa language, script, literature, culture, religion, tradition and customs.
  • To make favourable environment for the development of Educational, intellectual, social development of Sherpa Community.
  • To establish mutual relationship with other organizations within the district and outside the district and to work for equal rights and welfare.
  • To help in country's development by contribution from Sherpa community's organizational efforts for the development of district's success & also to help and support in organized form at the time of natural calamities and emergencies.
  • To launch awareness programs to control various types of pollution increasing the district and to protect the environment.
  • To accept and obtain loan and donations from various national and international individuals and organization with permission from the Nepal Government to achieve the objectives of this organization
  • To work for the country, world and peace against any kind of violence and terrorism.
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Mani Boom Programme
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